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    • 07 JUN 19
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    2019 Wage Increase Notice

    2019 Wage Increase Notice

    This is a reminder that you should have received the final general wage increase in the 2014-19 agreement negotiated by the FSA on your behalf. This amounts to a 1.75% increase which took effect in May 2019.

    Your increase included a 1% general wage increase negotiated by the FSA and the 0.75% “Economic Stability Dividend” or ESD. This is a total 1.75% increase to your base salary. This should have applied on the first full pay period in May, which was May 10, 2019 for regular, temporary and PTS members.

    To view the current wage scales, please refer to the BCIT human resources page which has the most current information. An explanation of the ESD can be found in a previous FSA blog post.

    When is our next pay increase?

    The May 2019 pay increase was the last one prior to the expiry of the current collective agreement on June 30, 2019. Please note that all terms and conditions of the collective agreement remain in force while FSA and BCIT negotiate the new one. This includes your wages.

    Wage increases are achieved through collective bargaining process, which has now commenced. We expect to bargain in earnest during the last week of August 2019 and into the fall. The FSA understands the importance of improved wages, benefits and working conditions. Through a united and engaged FSA membership, we will work to achieve this. Please watch for notices, bargaining bulletins, and meetings as a means to remain informed of the current collective bargaining process.

    Check your pay notice to ensure you have received the wage increases as published. Should you have any questions or concerns, contact BCIT payroll or Human Resources.

    If you require assistance from the FSA with any challenges related to pay, please contact us.

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