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    • 18 MAR 21
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    Anti-Racism is Ongoing Work

    Colin Jones, FSA President

    In acknowledgement of March 21st, the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, I thought it was time to add some words to the statement we put out last June. That statement came out at a time when our newsfeeds were alight with evidence of racial injustice and discrimination. For many, this was old news and for some, it was an awakening.

    The FSA is on its own path towards the elimination of racial discrimination of folks who are Indigenous, Black, and People of Colour (IBPOC). In 2017, thanks to your board members at the time, we adopted an Equity Policy and in 2016 it was the FSA that partnered with Shannon Kelly and Zaa Joseph, two FSA members, to create Diversity Circles. We are so pleased that, after two years of SSHRC funding, that BCIT made Diversity Circles an integral part of its Respect, Diversity, and Inclusion office and I will be attending their upcoming Anti-Racism Dialogue on March 24th.

    We are committed to holding BCIT accountable for its work on anti-racism while also continuing to look internally at our own ongoing work as a union representing our members and as an employer for our office staff.

    This year, for this March 21st, we not only reiterate last June’s words but we also wish to specifically highlight the significant increase in Anti-Asian racism taking place right here in the Lower Mainland and around North America. The recent horrifying racist and misogynistic attack against Asian women in Atlanta is a reminder to all of us of the devastating harm that can result from not addressing systemic racism and sexism along with all forms of oppression.

    It is critical that all of us – in solidarity with those who experience the impacts of acts of racism as well as being subject to systemic discrimination – stand up against racism and be part of eliminating racial discrimination.

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