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    • 08 OCT 15
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    Dispelling Myths: Vacation Entitlement

    Dispelling Myths: Vacation Entitlement

    Vacation leave is an earned benefit* and forms part of your remuneration under the Collective Agreement.

    This means that it is the same as your salary and cannot be “lost”. So if you have been told that you have to “use it or lose it” or that you must take your vacation or forfeit it, please contact the FSA immediately so we can address the situation right away.

    Any members who believe their vacation has been taken away from them please contact the FSA. It is very important that the FSA is informed of any situations where members have lost vacation entitlement without having been compensated in some form.

    Please feel free to contact the FSA if you have any questions regarding this matter.

    *For members eligible for this benefit. Eligibility is different based on different employment categories. If you are unsure if you are eligible please contact the FSA.

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  • Posted by Patricia Lawrence on February 2, 2018, 12:32 pm

    Once again, you are putting all employees under the same umbrella. Part-time studies faculty do not get vacation, and that should be made clear.

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  • Posted by fsaadmin on February 6, 2018, 12:00 pm

    Thank you! We have updated the post to reflect that not all members receive this benefit.

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