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    • 02 APR 20
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    Excessive Workload & Overtime

    Excessive Workload & Overtime

    With the pandemic changing our working conditions daily, we wanted to reach out to all Regular Members, but particularly those that have traditionally struggled with workload issues or are struggling with them now due to COVID-19.

    For those members in Part-Time Studies (PTS), we ask you to refer to our advice regarding obtaining fair compensation for conversion to online teaching covered in our April 1st Statement COVID-19 & Part-Time Studies Administration Contracts.

    Knowing that while many Departments do an admirable job in consultation regarding workload, we also must recognize there are some areas where Regular Members have, in the last couple years, struggled with obtaining a fair workload and just compensation (grievances have been filed and we are moving forward with them).

    This excess work, in our view, has led to burnout, staff turnover, and increases in absenteeism. Recently, other members have told us of their struggles with the additional workload required for the recent transition to online teaching.

    Supporting those colleagues with excessive workload includes becoming familiar with your rights under the Collective Agreement.

    Why? Because upholding rights across our entire bargaining unit ensures we do not give away rights in those limited areas where workload has increased beyond reasonable bounds.

    As assistance to our members, we assembled some answers to typical questions regarding excessive workload and overtime. Please take the time to read and understand these FAQs.

    While asserting our members’ rights, we acknowledge that we are all in this together. Our goal is to work with you—the membership of the FSA—and BCIT.

    Together we believe that we will find workable solutions in each Department that will see us emerge from this pandemic much stronger than before.

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