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    Executive Director Message: Acknowledgement & Gratitude

    Executive Director Message: Acknowledgement & Gratitude

    Jude Morrison, FSA Executive Director


    The FSA general membership meeting earlier this week focused on our preparation for bargaining and my recent newsletter piece explores renewal and transformation. As 2019 gets underway, I wanted to take this opportunity to send a message to all FSA members.

    Any organization is the sum of its parts. For unions and associations, this is particularly so. There are many of you who contribute – be it by coming to our meetings; participating on committees throughout the Institute and engaging with us via our surveys and website forum. We all bring unique contributions and none of us can possibly know it all, nor should that be the goal. Our goal is to be open to all of our membership, to strive to acknowledge and understand our differences which contributes to a stronger base from which to uphold our collective and individual rights. As we head to the bargaining table with BCIT, this is all the more important. It can be a stressful time – particularly for those directly engaged in this process, please be mindful of this as we move forward. We are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for our FSA members.

    I would like to express gratitude for the dedicated staff and board members at FSA over the last year. It was a challenging year with so many changes but I can say from my view and without hesitation that, as a membership, you have been well served by a smart, dedicated and creative leadership team. This extends as well to the hard work that the FSA members on the Collective Agreement Committee have been doing.

    My thanks to each, for all you have done for our FSA members and the BCIT community in general.

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  • Posted by jimhunter on January 26, 2019, 6:31 pm

    Thank you Jude!

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