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    Farewell to FSA’s Heather Neun

    Farewell to FSA’s Heather Neun

    Heather NeunHeather Neun, Senior Labour Relations Representative and Union Counsel, joined the FSA staff in January 2010. She came to us with an incredible breadth of experience from her time practicing law for several firms in BC and a prominent international human rights law organization in Costa Rica. She has been a passionate advocate for equality rights in both BC/Canada and in Latin America. Many of you will know she brought a strong knowledge of labour and employment law, but also incredible compassion and sensitivity to her work.

    She made her mark with FSA in a myriad of ways, but in particular, we will remember her gains made on behalf of those working in precarity: our Part Time Studies members. She was also a passionate advocate on the BCIT Harassment and Discrimination Committee. Another importance initiative was to centre and promote the FSA’s rights to meaningful consultation, something she viewed as foundational to employee engagement and well-being.

    Heather demonstrated an open mind and heart; not only for FSA members, but also for the BCIT community at large and importantly, for her colleagues at the FSA office. Without wanting to sound trite: FSA will very much miss her smarts, her humour and her desire to do the very best for those in need.

    After much deliberation and notably after very recently completing yet another Master’s Degree (some would argue it should have been a Doctorate), Heather has decided to pursue new adventures – first with her family and then through another as yet unnamed wonderful adventure in social justice advocacy.

    Thank you, Heather, for your commitment to dignity, justice and equality in our corner of the world. We wish you the very best.

    Heather’s last day with the FSA is June 21, 2019.

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  • Posted by cathyg on June 18, 2019, 9:33 am

    Hi Heather
    I will be sorry to miss your leaving party as I was not expecting you to ever leave the FSA (sob) and I will be out of town at a conference in Kamloops.
    I just want to say, thank you so much for all your support, vision and backbone made of steel. When events were difficult in the LTC you were there for us. I would walk on cut glass to support you and the FSA.
    When I reflect on any difficult situation at work, I consider, ‘what would Heather think or say?”. It helps in my decision making. Good luck in your new future. You are missed already.
    Cathy Griffin

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