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    In Memory: Elinor Hudon(L to R): Paul Reniers, Elinor Hudon, Amy Fell, and Eileen Chaban

    In Memory: Elinor Hudon

    Paul Reniers, FSA Executive Director (2006-18)

    Elinor was one of the people who defined the FSA for a generation. As a Technician in MedLab, Elinor was elected to the FSA executive in the early 1980s becoming president for the first time later that decade and then again in the early 1990s. She sat on several bargaining teams and was part of the round that created the AI category, providing an important path for advancement for many Technical Staff. On July 19th, Elinor Hudon passed away.

    As an elected officer on release time, Elinor handled numerous grievances and directed legal counsel at arbitration. Elinor was also instrumental in the professionalization of the FSA office, participating in the hiring of the first external General Secretaries and the first Grievance Officers.

    “Although I did not have the pleasure of working with Elinor, every time that I listened to her, her wisdom was obvious. When I heard anybody say something about her, it was always in a positive context. Elinor’s work was highly appreciated and she was respected by all and she will be missed.” Peter Fenrich, FSA President

    In the mid 1990s, the MedLab program went into hiatus. Elinor stayed at BCIT in Student Services as part of a government program to encourage access to post secondary education. She then returned to the FSA as Grievance Officer in 1996, serving as Senior Grievance Officer prior to her retirement in 2011.

    Through all of this, Elinor exemplified the commitment of FSA members to students, to high quality education, to workplace fairness, and to BCIT. She devised solutions that kept many departments working well through difficult times.

    “Elinor’s legacy will live on in the language in our Collective Agreement. Her advocacy and wisdom contributed to better working conditions and members receiving thoughtful and dedicated labour relations services. I will miss her quick wit and the twinkle in her eye.” Amy Fell, Former FSA President (2005-12)

    Elinor was compassionate and quick witted, friendly and determined. Through parts of four challenging decades, Elinor retained strong personal relationships with staff in the FSA office and in Human Resources and Labour Relations well after her retirement. These qualities caused the FSA to recognize Elinor and her colleague Jennifer Orum with an endowed scholarship in their names.

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