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    • 29 AUG 19
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    Labour Day 2019: Our Work

    Labour Day 2019: Our Work

    Labour Day is rooted in celebrating the achievements of workers. Our work contributes to a better post-secondary education system, a stronger economy, and to the broader social good.

    On this Labour Day we are settling in for a round of collective bargaining and your FSA Bargaining Team is working hard to convey to BCIT, and to the provincial government, that your work is valuable, crucial, and a sound investment. They are also seeking to ensure that your workplace is safe, respectful, and rewarding. Through bargaining as well as through everyday representation, negotiation, and advocacy, the FSA seeks better working conditions for the membership so that both workers and students can flourish.

    With over 1,600 members the FSA has a membership whose work varies widely in activity. We encourage you to take the time to get to know each other, learn about each other’s work, and express appreciation for the role each of you play at BCIT.

    On this Labour Day, the FSA acknowledges the work of our members, the members of the BCGEU, and the members of SEIU (custodians).

    Read our previous Labour Day messages!

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