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We are in the process of developing a set of tools for members who serve on FSA appointed committees.

Our hope is to:

• Connect with members who sit on committees
• Provide training to members who sit on committees
• Get feedback and information reporting from members on committees
• Align work with current FSA Strategic Plan

FSA policy (1.5.1) instructs us to review committee placements on an annual basis. The FSA’s goal is to stay connected to its representatives and ensure committees are performing optimally.  We are looking for FSA representatives who understand that their role is to represent all FSA members, their union and the BCIT community.

On a regular basis the FSA will:

  • What are your rights?

    The Collective Agreement, along with various memoranda of agreement, regulate the terms and conditions of employment of FSA members.
    Read your CA
  • FSA Diversity Circles

    The FSA has launched the Diversity Circles project. Want to learn more and get involved?
    Find out more!
  • FSA Newsletter

    April 2017, Vol 48 Issue 3

    Check out our latest newsletter highlighting our government relations strategy and the incredible work of our members!

    April 2017, Vol 48, Issue 3 (PDF)

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