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    Tell us your PTS ‘Quick Wins’

    Tell us your PTS ‘Quick Wins’

    On June 4th the FSA Caucus on Part-Time Studies (COPTS) (Portal login required) invited BCIT VP Academic Tom Roemer and BCIT VP Human Resources Ana Lopez to hear about members’ experiences in Part-Time Studies (PTS). The stories shared were just a small portion of the stories that are out there but they represent a truth about some of the struggles that FSA members working in PTS can face. These struggles are rooted in working conditions and those conditions impact the educational quality and brand identity of BCIT.

    Following the session, the COPTS sent a letter to Tom Roemer to ensure that BCIT is living up to its commitment of “treating all employees with dignity and respect, understanding that they are the primary determinants of BCIT’s current and future success”. We called for BCIT to come up with solutions for the complex problems faced by PTS Instructors.

    We indicated our support of a holistic review of PTS and how continuing/flexible/part-time learning and instruction fit into the educational offerings of BCIT. The letter also stressed that BCIT does not need to wait for that review in order to make some changes. As with BCIT’s approach towards building employee engagement, we believe there are many “quick wins” to be had.

    We will be meeting with Tom in mid-September and we are calling out to you – our members – to submit suggestions for changes that would be easy for BCIT to implement and would mean a lot to you.

    Click Here to Submit Your ‘Quick Win’ Suggestions!

    While we are always open to receiving suggestions from members – please aim to submit your suggestions prior to Sept 15, 2018, so that we can collate them for our meeting with Tom. We will also be collecting ideas at our table at the PTS Info Day on Sept 5th (Loop link). If you would like to join the COPTS, please email kepstein@bcit.ca.

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  • Posted by Laurie Izgerean on August 11, 2018, 10:36 am

    Provide 9AT THE VERY LEAST) BCIT online instructors with a T2200 so they can claim at-home office expenses! Everyone knows an online instructor does NOT teach from a computer lab on campus.

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  • Posted by fsaadmin on August 14, 2018, 8:32 am

    Thank you for the comment. Please submit it via the link provided in the post. Click ‘submit here’.

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