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    The Lowdown on Administrative Allowances

    The Lowdown on Administrative Allowances

    This is an update of a piece in the FSA newsletter from September 2012.

    What are administrative allowances and who gets paid them?

    Administrative allowances are paid to FSA employees who are appointed to administrative positions within a Department or Program. These positions have various titles such as: “Program Head”, “PTS Coordinator,” “Clinical Coordinator,” “Team Lead” and “Department Coordinator”. The appointment process is governed by Article 5.2.4 of the Collective Agreement, which provides that recommendations for appointment are “made by the Department through the Manager” (Article

    Administrative allowances are paid biweekly and are set at two different rates as indicated in Article 15.6. The default is to receive the higher, Level 1, unless the employer has demonstrated that a Level 2 is more appropriate. Which level you receive depends on an assessment of the factors set out in Appendix 5 (AP 5.2) of the Collective Agreement. If you are receiving a Level 2 allowance but think you should be getting the Level 1 allowance, please contact the FSA.

    Are you receiving less than a full administrative allowance, and if so, what should you do?

    If you are being paid less than a full (100%) allowance – including if you are sharing an allowance with one or more colleagues – please contact the FSA.

    Why is this important?

    Years ago, the FSA discovered that the Institute was automatically prorating allowances (and thereby paying less than a full allowance), based on a member’s percentage of FTE or “active service”. This was happening in cases where the member was still performing all of the duties that gave rise to earning the allowance. The FSA filed a grievance, objecting to this policy and taking the position that BCIT is not entitled to prorate allowances based on a member’s percentage of FTE or service.

    In September 2011, the Institute allowed the FSA’s grievance and agreed that it would rescind its proration on policy. At the same time, the FSA notified BCIT that it would review all future cases where members get less than a full administrative allowance because the default should be that members are paid a full (100%) allowance.

    If you are receiving less than a full allowance, we encourage you to contact the FSA.

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