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    Your Vote Counts: May 9, 2017

    Your Vote Counts: May 9, 2017

    What can we achieve through elections? Elections, especially provincial elections, offer unique opportunities to advocate for public post-secondary education.

    At election time, at forums and through the media, FSA members can:

    • Reach large numbers of the public through questions to candidates and personal contact;
    • Determine candidate vision, knowledge, and support for public post-secondary education;
    • Raise the profile of your work and the issues that are important to your students through your participation in the election process;
    • Emphasize where the government has been supportive of public post-secondary education;
    • Provide those running for office with current information regarding post-secondary education.

    How Do We Accomplish This?

    The following are a few suggested ways to raise the profile of post-secondary education issues during political campaigns.

    • Simple steps can be effective.
    • Just identifying questions for candidates and attending all-candidates’ meetings will increase the exposure of your topic and the candidates’ positions.
    • If no forums are being organized in your area, you can take the initiative to organize one, especially if there are political decisions that are important to you. If a meeting or open forum is not your style, try hosting a more informal “Tea with the Candidates” event in your community.
    • If an all-candidates’ meeting or forum is not possible, you can still collect very good information by inviting the candidates to a meetings of community organizations and associations you are involved in.
    • Another method to keep post-secondary issues in the public eye is to ask media outlets to include questions on post-secondary topics in interviews.
    • Alternatively, ask your questions by way of a letter or email to all candidates. You may also wish to publish candidate responses and post them to social media, distribute them at future all candidates’ meetings, or share them with the press. If you plan to do this, be sure to indicate your intentions in your initial correspondence.

    Provincial Elections 2017

    Key Messages

    • BCIT is a leading provider of graduates prepared to work in key sectors of the BC economy.
    • Innovation in response to the needs of industry and students is at the heart of BCIT success and the work of FSA members.
    • The technology and innovation sectors in BC are growing, and offer significant opportunities for more growth.
    • Training enough professionals who are ready to work with current technologies and who are prepared to be innovators is essential to BC’s economic growth.
    • BCIT and the FSA are ready to contribute by improving processes in order to create better outcomes for students, researchers and industry.
    • Recognizing the applied research work performed by FSA members is a vital part of creating the talent pool needed to grow BC’s knowledge economy.


    If you are eligible to vote please make sure you are registered by visiting the Elections BC website elections.bc.ca or calling them at 1.800.661.8683. You can also find out where to vote from Elections BC.


    If you work on BCIT’s Burnaby campus you can vote on campus in Town Square D (SE02-214)! Big thanks to the BCITSA for organizing on-campus voting. You don’t have to live in this riding to vote. The process will be easier if you bring your voting card. For full details on what you need to vote please visit the Elections BC website.

    • Advance Voting:
      • Apr 29 & 30, 8am-8pm
      • May 3-6, 8am-8pm
    • Election Day!
      • May 9, 8am-8pm
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