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The BCIT Faculty & Staff Association (FSA) is a certified trade union and a member-driven association that represents full-time and part-time technological faculty and staff at BCIT.

The FSA is governed by the BC Labour Relations Code, the BC Societies Act, the BC Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA), as well as other relevant legislation. The FSA’s Constitution & By-laws provide direction for the purposes and framework for the association. Our policies support us to enact our purposes. You can find all of these on our website.

Through representation on committees, negotiation with BCIT and advocacy for our members, and advocacy for the collective interests of the membership we work to advance the employment interests of faculty and staff and improve working conditions at BCIT.

FSA Vision

    • Outstanding careers through outstanding employment conditions.

FSA Mission

    • To create an outstanding workplace: engage, celebrate, protect, and make gains for all our members.

FSA Values

    • Empowerment: We empower our members to understand and advocate for their rights.
    • Influence: We leverage our knowledge and relationships to influence decision-making toward the realization of our shared visions.
    • Principled Action: We take principled actions that are driven by the membership.
    • Social Justice: Our commitment to social justice means we seek to foster and enhance a fair and just workplace.
    • Solidarity: Demonstrating solidarity serves as the foundation of effecting change.
    • Strength: Our strength comes from listening to our members and working together to apply what we’ve learned.

We are committed to

    • Fostering high standards of excellence in education;
    • Improving members’ employment conditions, working environment, and opportunities;
    • Maintaining transparency in FSA activities;
    • Fostering a well-informed and engaged membership; and
    • Promoting participation in decision-making; and nurturing a sense of community amongst our members and all of BCIT.

Strategic Plan (2015-20)

    The 2015-18 strategic plan was extended until 2020 and a new plan is in development for 2021 and beyond.


    1. Opportunities
    2. Rights
    3. Education


    1. Create a palette of resources and tools to help members make the most of their rights
    2. Tell our story so that government and management understand the value we bring to BC and the struggles we face in realizing that value
    3. Use Institute and union committees to improve the rights of our members
    4. Engage members through communication that is informative and concise
    5. Cultivate participation through a strong and active Tech Rep community
    6. Make use of opportunities provided by the union movement to improve our members’ rights and the services we provide them
    7. Add value to members’ professional lives
    8. Support members facing challenges
    9. Leverage all opportunities to improve working conditions and compensation to create an outstanding workplace
    10. Develop an understanding of management practices to measure the impact on our members and plan strategic responses
    11. Ensure the FSA has business practices that are efficient and allow our staff to do their work effectively
    12. Value the contributions of members


FSA Newsletter

Fall 2020, Vol 52 Issue 1

Check out our latest newsletter including items about employee grievances, member profiles, and the FSA landscape!

Fall 2020, Vol 52, Issue 1 (PDF)

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