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The BCIT Faculty & Staff Association is affiliated with the BC Federation of Labour (BCFED).

The BC Federation of Labour represents over 500,000 members from affiliated unions across the province, working in every aspect of the BC economy. It has a long and proud history of fighting for the rights of all working people to a safe workplace and fair wages.

The goals of the BCFED are best exemplified by its slogan: “What we desire for ourselves, we wish for all.”

Find out more on the BCFED website.

As part of our membership in the BCFED we are able to appoint FSA staff and members to BCFED standing committees.

Committees & Current Appointments

This FSA has two seats on each committee – a primary and an alternate. If we don’t have appointees (see below) and you are interested in joining the committee please contact us.

Interested in joining a BCFED committee? Check out our blog for details.

FSA Newsletter

Fall 2020, Vol 52 Issue 1

Check out our latest newsletter including items about employee grievances, member profiles, and the FSA landscape!

Fall 2020, Vol 52, Issue 1 (PDF)

Newsletter Archive
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    The FSA is posting statements on COVID-19 on our blog.
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  • What are your rights?

    The Collective Agreement, along with various memoranda of agreement, regulate the terms and conditions of employment of FSA members.
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