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What is a Tech Rep?

Technology Representatives (Tech Reps) are the FSA’s representative in each Department. Selected annually, they provide an essential, personal link between the FSA’s Board of Directors and the Association’s membership.

Check our some of our amazing Tech Reps talking about their role!

VIDEO: Check our some of our amazing Tech Reps talking about their role!

  • Tech Reps, as defined under Article 1.8.14 of the Collective Agreement, receive the legal protections that apply to a union representative.
  • Representation is a core function of the FSA and Tech Reps are a vital part of how the Association consults and gains feedback from its members.
  • The contributions of the Tech Reps allow the FSA to improve our ability to formulate informed policy and respond effectively to ongoing changes at BCIT.
  • Tech Reps make the FSA strong and a strong FSA helps make BCIT a better educational institution and workplace.
  • Tech Reps are members who are interested in supporting the FSA’s purposes, vision, mission, values, and strategic directions.
  • The FSA’s Tech Rep policy (2.3.1) provides further details.

Who is your Tech Rep?

  • The FSA Tech Reps are a broad representation of the various BCIT departments and programs in which FSA members work
  • There are usually two Tech Reps per area but some areas have more (or less) based on the size of the department
  • As per the FSA’s Tech Rep policy (2.3.1), Tech Reps are selected by their departments
    • The FSA can provide support with Tech Rep selection if needed
    • We encourage departments to revisit their Tech Rep selection regularly
  • Current FSA Tech Rep List (PDF), As of November 8, 2021
    • Changes are made to the list on a continual basis to keep it up-to-date. Please notify us if there have been changes to the Tech Rep(s) in your area.
    • If your area doesn’t have a Tech Rep and you are interested, let us know!

What do Tech Reps do?

  • Image of two people smiling at the camera at an FSA Tech Rep meetingAttend 7 Tech Rep meetings per year – monthly from September – November and January – April
    • We also hold an annual social to thank all the Tech Reps (usually in May)
  • Receive information from the FSA staff and elected leadership
  • Report information to their departments
  • Keep in touch with the FSA members in their departments to ensure they understand the various perspectives of the members they represent
  • Provide information and perspectives from the FSA membership to the FSA staff and elected leadership

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