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BCIT DAA Gala 2014

The FSA’s campaigns seek to educate and to profile the important work of our members and their contributions to BCIT and British Columbia.

Fair Employment Week

Each year the FSA participates in celebrating CAUT’s Fair Employment Week. Find out more on our FEW page!

FSA Distinguished Alumni Award

The FSA Distinguished Alumni Award (DAA) is a partnership with the BCIT’s Distinguished Alumni Awards. Each year the Alumni Association selects recipients from BCIT alumni who have demonstrated achievement/leadership to receive these awards. In 2014 the FSA began to partner with the Alumni Association to present an additional DAA to an FSA member who is an alumnus of BCIT and demonstrates excellence in their work at BCIT.

The 2018 recipient is Tara Wilkie – find out more about Tara on our blogLearn more about our past FSA DAA recipients

Previous Campaigns

Annual Art Contest

2015 Art Contest Winner

*The art contest has been deferred while we revisit the program.*

The FSA’s first annual art contest for members took place in 2014. This contest is an opportunity for the FSA to shine a spotlight on some of our members and their incredible talent. The art selected is displayed in the FSA office and board room and the contest will be held annually to refresh the collection (1 piece/year).

We are pleased to announce the 2015 winner – Barbara Smith! Find out more on our blog.

The winners for 2014 were Ania Grygorczuk, PTS Instructor, New Media, School of Business; Eva Somogyi, Faculty, BSN, School of Health; and Chris Thornton, Faculty, Geomatics, School of Construction & the Environment.

More Than Zero

This 2012 campaign was undertaken during bargaining to communicate the value of BCIT faculty and staff with specific focus on the provincial government’s offer of a 0% increase to the sector.


Competitive Edge

This campaign in 2010, including a poster series (PDF), focused on highlighting to BCIT students the role their faculty and staff play in their student experience and their success in obtaining post-BCIT employment.


FSA Newsletter

October 2018, Vol 50 Issue 1

Check out our latest newsletter including items about bargaining, law of accommodation, and best practices!

October 2018, Vol 50, Issue 1 (PDF)

Newsletter Archive
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  • What are your rights?

    The Collective Agreement, along with various memoranda of agreement, regulate the terms and conditions of employment of FSA members.
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