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I work or teach in Part-Time Studies at BCIT: Am I a member of the FSA?

All BCIT technology program “Part-Time Studies (PTS) employees”, or Auxiliary Employees (as they are called in the Collective Agreement), with the following types of contracts are FSA members and are covered by the BCIT-FSA Collective Agreement:

  • Instructor
  • Lab Assistant
  • Marker
  • Curriculum Development
  • PTS Administration

If you are a PTS/Auxiliary Employee and a member of the FSA please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Do I have specific protections in the Collective Agreement?

Yes! The Collective Agreement establishes your employment rights such as: the rates of pay, benefit eligibility, a grievance process, and (for PTS instructors) the right to normally be rehired. Like all FSA members, PTS/Auxiliary Employees have rights and responsibilities in their respective roles. How these are applied in your specific context can be challenging to outline in specific detail, but PTS/Auxiliary Employees can always obtain more information by contacting the FSA directly.

Can I participate in FSA governance?

PTS/Auxiliary employees are eligible as members to:

  • Participate as members in FSA meetings, activities and committees,
  • Vote in FSA elections and contract ratification processes, and
  • Run for election for one of the Director – Associate Members positions on the FSA Board of Directors.

Where can I find more information for PTS/Auxiliary employees?

After reviewing the FSA Part-Time Studies Guide (PDF), we suggest that you check out the following additional resources which you may find useful:

  • BCIT provides a number of resources for employees, including an instructor handbook, information on PTS benefits, and other PTS resource information, via their website and a group on the BCIT intranet The Loop (Login access required).
  • We encourage all our members who work in PTS, particularly those who might be on campuses during evenings and weekends, to familiarize themselves with the BCIT emergency procedure (PDF) for their classroom location.

Have suggestions for other useful information to go on this page? Contact us and give us your feedback!

How can I read the FSA PTS-focused newsletter from 2016?

Click on the photo!

Front Page - Oct 2016 BCOTFSA Newsletter

What is Fair Employment Week?

Fair Employment Week is an annual campaign led by CAUT to bring awareness to the issues facing post-secondary employees whose work is precarious in nature. To find out how the FSA celebrates please visit our FEW page.

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