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Welcome to a series of dispatches from the desk of the FSA Executive Director, Paul Reniers.

Negotiations and Consequences was a compilation of notes on current activities or items of particular interest to FSA members throughout 2016. These posts seek to keep you, our members, up-to-date on the news you need.

October 6, 2016

BC Progress Summit; Open The Doors campaign; MLAs not running again; StatsCan to Count Part-Time Instructors; CAUT Guide to Institutional Financial Statements; Wages Rising; Future-Proofing the Classroom

August 31, 2016

Municipal Pension Plan changes; FPSE members face school closure; Human Rights Code extended; CAUT reviewing FSA application; CAUT plan for federal PSE spending; Employee protection on social media; CUFA-BC conference on governance; Unleash your Inner Organizer

July 20, 2016

Collective Agreement is Here; Other New Collective Agreements; Specialty Nursing Expansion; Minister Visits FSA; New BCIT Childcare Spaces; Indiegenizing the Academy

April 18, 2016

Collective Agreement; Program to Present Sexual Violence; Confidence Vote by Faculty; CAUT and Big Carbon; Federal Budget; Provincial Teaching and Learning Resource; Faculty Fight for 15

March 21, 2016

Minister Speaks on International Education; Post-Secondary Sexual Assault Legislation; CUFA-BC Defends Institutional Independence; CAUT Investigation at Laurentian Uncovers Familiar Stories; International Day for the Elimination of Racism

March 8, 2016

IWD; Drugwatch; BCIT budget; Course Pack Changes; CPP Retirees; CRC Nominations; School of Health Reconciliation Event

February 24, 2016

CPP Rate Change; TRU-FA Ends Job Action; Consultation Grievance Settled; CAUT Calls for Reinvestment in Research and Education; FPSE Comments on Provincial Budget; Private Member’s Bill Highlights Interference With Academic Governance

February 19, 2016

Kinloch visits TRs; CAUT discussions; Meeting with VP Academic; News from the Ledge; PD Committee Training; Research Caucus

February 9, 2016

MLA Visit; Agreement on Students in Research; Layoff Notice in ABET; Sprott Shaw College Public-Private Partnership; CAUT on Trans-Pacific Partnership.