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    An Opportunity for Reflection, Labour Day 2018

    An Opportunity for Reflection, Labour Day 2018

    Labour Day provides us with an opportunity to reflect on what is necessary to improve the economic and social well-being for all workers; whether those workers are in BC, across Canada, or right here on BCIT campuses. Reflection can be powerful and especially useful when done in connection with a milestone. For the FSA, this year that milestone is the start of a new round of bargaining.

    In a process that is cyclical, and where work for the next round starts even before the last round ends, it can be challenging to find time to pause and reflect once bargaining gets underway. The marking of Labour Day encourages us to think back on the gains that have been made over the years, reflect on what is different about the needs of our members today from other moments in our 54-year history, and consider how to move forward in a good way.

    As we acknowledge Labour Day 2018, we are asking ourselves: what does improving economic and social well-being mean in practice? How is it the same for all of our members and how is it different for some groups within our membership? How do we fight for improvements for members in a way that also strengthens the education that we work hard to provide? How do we balance tactics of negotiation with the very real needs facing our members?

    When we step back in reflection, we remember how important the rights won by the labour movement are for us right now. We have the right to be heard and to negotiate with BCIT and the provincial government around important issues. We have the right to be well represented in those discussions. We have the right to act collectively and democratically to protect and advance our interests.

    As your Collective Agreement Committee kicks off this fall and we enter this round of bargaining, we wish our members and workers across Canada a chance to reflect on the questions that bring us closer to the improvements required for fair and healthy working conditions.

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