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    • 22 MAY 14
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    BCIT FSA Recognizes and Supports BCTF Picket Lines

    On Wednesday, May 21, 2014, the BCIT FSA Board of Directors approved a motion to recognize and support picket lines established by the BC Teachers’ Federation in its on-going bargaining dispute with the provincial government.

    ALL FSA members are asked to honour the BCTF strike and to not cross their picket lines.

    Members wanting to show their support for the teachers can pick up placards after noon on Friday in the FSA office (BBY SE16-116). The placards have our logo and say, “We support teachers and students”.

    Article 7.9 of the FSA-BCIT collective agreement states:

    “All Employees have the right to refuse to cross a legally established trade union picket line, or a trade union picket line which has been officially recognized by the Union in advance of its erection, and such refusal to work shall not be considered a violation of this Agreement or grounds for disciplinary action or any other penalty.”

    Members whose assignments might otherwise require them to work in a location behind a BCTF picket line have the right refuse to cross that picket line. Members not able to perform their normal duties as a result of the strike may be given alternate duties. An employee who does not work due to a picket line might not be paid by BCIT. In that case, the FSA may issue strike pay to impacted members.

    If your assignment would otherwise require you to work in a location behind a BCTF picket line, we ask that you do the following:

    • Advise your manager of the situation and share this message with her or him.
    • With your manager and your departmental colleagues, plan alternate work activities.
    • If your manager directs you to do the work that is behind a picket line, advise the FSA immediately by calling 604-432-8859 or with a message to fsa@bcit.ca.
    • If you encounter a picket line in the course of your duties anyway, immediately contact your manager and advise him or her that you will not be crossing it. Ask your manager to assign alternate responsibilities.
    • If you have any concerns about the response from your manager, call or message the FSA at 604-432-8859 or fsa@bcit.ca.

    Members who encounter a picket line outside of their work activities also are asked to not cross it. As the FSA heads into our next round of negotiations, we all must show the government and the public that we expect fair and free collective bargaining. The BCTF is fighting for a fair wage increase and to protect working and learning conditions. We share in that struggle.

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