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    • 16 JUN 14
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    Common Issues; Interconnected Outcomes

    Common Issues; Interconnected Outcomes

    As the BCTF job action escalates, the BCIT Faculty & Staff Association (FSA) reiterates our support for K-12 public educators, parents, and students in British Columbia. As expressed in a previous statement, we encourage all FSA members to honour the strike and to not cross picket lines. We also ask members to remind their co-workers to do the same. Members who would like to express their support can contact the FSA for a placard to display in their office, at home, or to use when visiting teachers on the picket lines.

    The labour movement in British Columbia and beyond is strengthened by the solidarity of the entire union sector and the general public. The importance of supporting each other in our struggles to protect education and other public services has been demonstrated in the past when workers won many of the rights we now take for granted. The current ‘Fairness Works’ campaign reminds us that safer workplaces, paid vacation time, minimum wages, and weekends are just some of the gains brought to us by the labour movement.

    The BCTF is on strike for [PDF] supportive and effective learning environments for BC’s students and for free and fair collective bargaining. These issues are shared by FSA members every day as we advocate for our students and use our rights to collegial governance to carry out departmental operations. By standing with the BCTF and all public education unions, we can strengthen and protect working and learning conditions for teachers and students across British Columbia.

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