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    • 11 AUG 14
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    FSA Joins BCIT for Pride!

    FSA Joins BCIT for Pride!

    This year marked BCIT’s first entry in the Vancouver Pride Parade and we were thrilled to be invited to join the float as a member of the BCIT community. Two of our Labour Relations Representatives, Tess Rebbitt and Christine Nagy, joined the festivities and were pleased to be a part of supporting queer communities and to partake in the fun of the parade.

    Tess Rebbitt & Christine Nagy join BCIT's Pride float

    Tess Rebbitt & Christine Nagy join BCIT’s Pride float

    I was so thrilled to be a part of this exciting event to celebrate people. The energy was amazing!. The best moment was when a little boy and his father walked by me and I overheard the father respond to the boy’s question about why a man was dressed ‘that way’ and he responded “you need to accept people as they are.” Tess Rebbitt

    This was my first Pride Parade experience, which was made more memorable by participating in the BCIT float. The crowds were amazing, and it was a great opportunity to get BCIT’s name out there. Let’s make it even bigger next year! Christine Nagy

    Like our continued support of the BCTF, participating in events like Pride is aligned with the FSA’s values of social justice and solidarity.

    Courtesy: Trina Prince

    Courtesy: Trina Prince

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