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    Labour Day 2017

    Labour Day 2017

    The labour movement has a long history of standing up for equity, inspired by mottos such as ‘An injury to one is an injury to all,’ and ‘What we ask for ourselves we wish for all’. Recent incidents of hate, racism, and xenophobia around the globe and here at home remind us of the injustice that prevails when equity and solidarity are undermined.

    We use terms like diverse, inclusive, welcoming, and safe to describe the community we want at BCIT. These words are meaningless without people working together to build a community that everybody feels a part of.

    fsa-values-poster-final-smAs faculty and staff at a post-secondary institution, we take great satisfaction in helping our students participate more fully in our economy and our society. Jobs are not enough in themselves to ensure a just society. For our students, and our colleagues, to reach their full potential, we must also work to provide them with equity in their education, their workplaces, and their communities.

    One of the values of the BCIT Faculty and Staff Association is social justice because a union can’t be satisfied with adequate wages and working conditions if equity and dignity do not prevail. This Labour Day, we renew our commitment to support our members in solidarity with the union movement to speak out against hatred and racism.

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