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    UPDATED: New FSA Education and Training Program!

    UPDATED: New FSA Education and Training Program!

    UPDATED November 2, 2023

    In June, the FSA announced that our Board of Directors would expand our members’ union training options by providing additional support to participate in courses and seminars organized by affiliates like Canadian Association of University Teachers and Canadian Labour Congress. We’re excited to provide you with update on this initiative. We have now established the Training, Educating, and Activating Members program and Committee to facilitate the distribution of these resources to member applicants. We have produced an application form (updated) that is now on our website and encourage all members interested in external education programs to apply. The application form can also be found in the “Forms” page within our “Information for Members” dropdown menu.

    Subject to change, conditions of application include:

    1. This is a pilot program. The FSA Board of Directors will assess the program and determine if and how it is resourced and administered beyond 2023/2024.
    2. Priority will be given to members who have shown interest in BCITFSA and Union program through volunteerism.
    3. Applicants must clearly outline the benefits to the applicant and the Association.
    4. Approval may include full or partial funding for the activity.
    5. Members will be limited to one (1) approved application per fiscal year.
    6. It is generally preferable to fund attendance to various events, instead of multiple members at the same event.
    7. Priority will be given to activities that equalize opportunity across BCITFSA members and groups and align with the FSA Strategic Plan.
    8. Priority will be given to FSA affiliate’s programs or union-focused courses or programs.
    9. The intent of this program is not to leave FSA members or departments struggling due to member’s absence.
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