Member Portal

The FSA strives to keep our members and our broader community up-to-date on the issues that are relevant to our members and to our sector.

The FSA produces our newsletters entitled the “FSA Voice” three times a year to inform members and the broader community about current issues, FSA news, and to celebrate and profile our membership. The FSA Annual Report is produced each fall and is an opportunity to report out on our previous year and provide an overview of where the FSA has focused its efforts.

In February 2016 FSA Executive Director Paul Reniers began a new blog series – Negotiations and Consequences – to keep the FSA community up-to-date on current issues and items of interest.

The FSA also comments on a number of current issues and runs campaigns to highlight the importance of the work of our members. We seek media opportunities to keep the broader community informed about the work of the FSA.