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Today, about one third of all academic staff in post-secondary institutions in Canada struggle to find decent work. They are hired on a per course or limited-term basis. They are denied the opportunity to participate in all aspects of academic work — teaching, research and service to the community. They may feel intimidated about fully exercising their academic freedom because of the possibility of not being renewed. Many are trained to do research, find new ideas and innovate, but receive no support to do so. Many are providing services to their students and colleagues for free!

They are often poorly paid, face significant barriers to getting benefits, have limited job security, and often have no place for meeting students. The Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) opposes the casualization of academic work and advocates for the full employment and the fair treatment of all academic staff regardless of their appointment status.

Additional Reading

Everyone’s experience of precarious post-secondary work is different. We hope some of these materials will help us all learn about the many ways this kind of work affects us all. Let us know if you have more to add here!

There are many articles, blogs, and resources regarding this area. This is just a sample. Please let us know if you have anything else you think would be of interest.

Fair Employment Week 2016

The theme for 2016 was Let’s Make it Fair!

Find out what we did to celebrate! In addition to this webpage a summary report (PDF) was provided to the FSA board of directors. 

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  • Watch for our pledge postcards around campus for you to sign and commit to joining the campaign
Congrats to Alan Waterman, Winner, FEW Survey Draw

Congrats to Alan Waterman, Winner, FEW Survey Draw

Check out CAUT’s Fair Employment Week page where you can download posters to use all week and sign their pledge of solidarity!

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